Are you a working parent feeling stress constantly?

Do you find you have too many things on your mind and then get distracted? 


You like to get things done and do them properly.
You'd like your partner to have more awareness of the daily responsibilities
You want to be your best for your family and your work.
Whether you are a two parent, single parent or multiple sets of parent family, when working whilst raising a family, managing responsibilities, connection with your child and how you manage your own stress are critical factors in everyone thriving each day.

When you are your best, you are focused, engaged and flexible in your approach to get things done. You feel like you are giving yourself, your partner and your children your best attention and feel at peace with your conscience.

When you are at your worst you are multitasking, distracted and feeling resentful of things not getting done properly and not getting the quality time you'd like for family or yourself. 

The mental load is not distributed and because everyone else operates this way you've accepted this is the way it's got to be and you've just got to get used to it. 
You're feeling guilty
You're feeling guilty when you're with your kids because there's still work to do and you're feeling guilty when you're at work, because you're not spending time with your children.

How long is this sustainable?

You feel like a failure - not only failing yourself, also failing your kids.  You rush through dinner time and bedtime, only to say "I can't read to you tonight, I have to work."  You don't feel guilty about working, you feel guilty because you want to spend more time than you have, with your child. If you've tried different strategies, created timetables, lists, holidays, weekend down-time and things feel just as busy as they did before then Raising Happy Humans can help...
Raising Happy Humans is all about leadership skills that help you respond to family life in a way that focuses on the child's happiness and simplifies the pressures of daily life.  We want you to have the confidence that you are raising your child to carve out a great life for themselves as well manage the realities of divided time, navigating challenging situations like tantrums and meal times, whilst ensuring you and your partner are on the same page and consistent. If you have worked on any of these already and still don't feel satisfied with how you respond, we'll show you why that is the case. Have you ever wondered how some leaders get through parenting and work life so calm and collected? You'll learn these skills. 

Raising Happy Humans is an Online 4-Week  Program for only $195.00 


Family life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond
So why Raising Happy Humans?

 - Because you’re not prepared to settle for balancing everyday. You want you want your family to grow and thrive.
 -You want to claim back time spent on thinking about everything that needs to be done (mental load).
-  You want to know you're on the right track and have tools and resources that work.

Raising Happy Humans is about you being able to navigate daily life in a way that reduces your mental load and enhances your day. Teaching your child these leadership skills now means they are growing up with strong foundations in place.  After all, we have no idea what tomorrow will bring them. But there is A LOT that we can ensure is in place TODAY.

Will your children ever have unhappy days? Of course they will. The difference is they will learn tools for other things not to take over and degrade their quality of life.

The Raising Happy Humans program covers a lot of ground. Even though the modules are short, they cut right through to the fundamental crux of creating more time and cultivating an environment to raise happy humans.

There are also expert interviews from around the world. We have top people in their field sharing with you their tips on how to further develop the quality of your family life. 
Sue Anderson
Resilience Expert
and Mum of 3
A global expert on resilience in both adults and children. Sue is the author of the book Unbullyable and shares with you the critical factors that will ensure your child has the strongest resilience possible in any situation.
Michelle Duval
Learning Pioneer
A pioneer into new forms of learning, Michelle helped found the field of professional coaching in Australia in 1997 and is a leading voice in the field worldwide. Coaching is the field that closes the gap on “You know who you need to be, but how do you actually become that person?” She shares with you HOW you can be the parent you want to be.
Isiah McKimmie
Sexologist and Relationship Expert
An expert in her field, Isiah shares with you what the key factors are for busy parents to make a relationship work. What are the ingredients that help you thrive, not just survive and how you can make this real in your home.
Andrew Bryant
Global CEO and Dad of 2
As an expert in leadership, Andrew inspires people, to question conventional wisdom and embrace change resulting in positive outcomes. Here Andrew shares with you the importance of self-leadership in parenting and what his values are in parenting and how he makes it work with his international business lifestyle.
Why Should You Listen to Me?
I'm Dina Cooper, author of Smart Parenting - How to Develop Your Child's Mindset, Resilience and Courage for the Future of Work. At 28 years I was a leader in a bank. I wish I knew then what I know now about developing myself to be a leader. At 35 years I learnt leadership skills that transformed myself as a leader and  how I led my children. I haven't been able to stop talking about these skills since. 

You see, I spent a few years at home. The technical term is a "career break" to raise my children. I was with my children all day and night, yet with all this time with them, not much of it was quality time. My children were 2 and 4 when I first learnt the mind skills and strategies that transformed mine and their daily experience. I used to experience a lot of stress, usually from my overwhelming, never ending list of things to do. What I didn't know was that I had choice in almost everything I was experiencing and how to change it if I didn't like it.

My mental load impacted my quality time children. I could see them being cautious, fearing things that were outside of their control and mine. I fed their stress levels and they fed mine. We were in a perpetuating cycle. 

I have become obsessed with how we can raise our children so they thrive. So they don't reach their adults years having to unlearn what the mind has created to be mental load, like I did. And instead know how to experience quality in their daily lives, no matter what.

I believe knowing how our minds work and how to run them is an essential skill of the future. Times are changing faster today than yesterday, so how can we raise robust human beings to thrive in this fast-pace world with their mental well-being and happiness in tact, whilst enjoying our time with them.

This is why I created Raising Happy Humans. 

I did not just rock up and decide to help people. I’ve been in human change for over 10 years, starting in the corporate sector. And today I host an amazing ability to get right to the core of challenges quickly. I’m not one for beating around the bush. Life is too short. Give me quality tips over quantity any day. 

I found methods that short cut. Short cut mindset work, short cut mastering emotions and short cut creating time! I am so looking forward to sharing them with you!
About the Program
Week 1: Parenting Mindset
We start with exploring the stuff that might be going on that you may or may not be aware of and is impacting you daily. You will learn and embody the critical skill that is the cornerstone of you developing a healthy relationship with time and overwhelm. 
Week 2: Parenting Your Unique Child
We move into a couple of techniques that really allow you to open to your child in a way that you have probably never considered before increasing quality time instantly.  You get the lowdown of the one fundamental belief that is critical to be successful AND happy and how to go about instilling it in your child.
Week 3: How to do Parenting Together
Those fundamental conversations about the home environment and the practicalities of raising a child that no-one really has, mainly because parenting is often jump in and figure out along the way, which can lead to unnecessary resentment and conflict. You and your partner will be having some sweet, lightening the load conversations here I promise you!
Week 4: What's the Family Game Plan?
The final week takes all of what you’ve discovered from the previous weeks and allows you to formulate a family  game plan to really focus on what matters most in your family for you and your child. Lots of things matter to you in your family and deciding where you will spend your daily time and energy is one of the most useful things you’ll ever do. Not to mention the time you’ll save in arguments and the clarity you’ll experience by being on the same page!
So, how does the Program roll?
It's 4 weeks long. Every week new content is released.

Y​​​​ou’ll need to set aside between 1.5 to 2 hours per week to complete the program.

The content is made up of short videos, playbooks and relevant resources. Everything you need to make working together more fun. Life can be good in theory but it’s when it becomes a practical reality you experience true joy and happiness. This content is designed to make it real.

We know you are busy. When we say short videos, 12 minutes is the longest one.

And all videos have an MP3 version. So you can listen to them on the move. In the car, on the train, taking the dog for a walk, doing the cooking. Anywhere. 

You'll get access to a Private Community on Facebook so you'll get LOTS of access to me for guidance, questions and feedback and of course connect with like-minded parents!

As if all of this wasn't enough, you only pay $195. One price for one parent or both, if you decide to do it together, which I highly recommend by the way. 


Register Now and Get Started Right Away 


“Thank you so much. This course has had a big impact on my life and I'm more in control of the quality of my thoughts and therefore the quality of my life for me and my family.”

"mentally more present with my children"

"more quality time"
"A new way of thinking - I feel more empowered, confident and self-assured"
What happens when you click the buy now button? You will receive a welcome email and your pre-program workbook straight away, within 24 hours. Then within 48 hours Week 1 of your program will be released.

What is the time commitment to go through the course each week? It is recommended that you set aside 1.5 to 2 hours each week to make the most out of the program. All videos are available in mp3 for convenience and ease of learning. 

What if I have a question? If you have a question you can post the question into the Facebook Group and I will answer it within 48 hours.

Is this program suitable for parents of any age children? Because this is a mindset course for parents and not a skills based course—e.g. toilet training or communicating with your teenager, the answer is yes, the principles will apply to parents of any age children. Please note, the examples shared will be most relevant to parents of children 2-10 years.

My partner cannot commit to doing the program. Can I still do it on my own? Yes. The program has been designed for both parents to do it together, whether they are still part of the same family or not, kids will benefit from both parents working together. You can still do it on your own and will gain all the valuable information and tools. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
This is the program I wish my parents had. The one that I am so grateful to implement into my home today to create a happy, quality, 'there's no place I'd rather be' space, for everyone.

If you are feeling this program is not for you right now, I'd say follow your gut. The program is designed for maximum impact, but there is work involved so you do have to be ready for it.

And it will impact. I guarantee it. On guarantees, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I refuse to sell you a program that doesn't help. I believe in karma!

And if you're worried about time and when to fit it in - did you know that the average person spends 4 weeks per year in their car (or commuting)? Not to mention the 4.5 hours per week productivity you'll get back by reducing your mental load! You will find the time and it will be worth it, I promise.